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Helpdesk Pro

The Helpdesk Pro is a support service dedicated to the business customer. This services gives you access to a IT technician to assist you in case of trouble. The assistance can take different forms, either just with a phone call, or over a remote management and assistance tool, or by visiting you on-site to fix the issue directly on your premises. This all depends on the type and urgency of the issue. For more demanding customers, these services can be expand to outside of office hours or even 24/7 support for essential services.

Consulting and follow-up

Our teams are trained to assist our customers in all their tech and IT needs. We will listen to your requests to understand your requirements to eventually offer you the best solution to your issue. Our decade long experience on the market helps us to propse the necssary hardware and software that matches your requirements and gives you a good return on invest.

Maintenance Contract

Our IT maintenance contracts are flat rate to make your IT services straight forward and easy to handle. This makes sure you have the IT support adapted to your needs and the requirements of your company. Being flat rate, they help you greatly to manage your budget long term.

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The main manufacturers we work with: